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Beach Baby Lemongrass Bath Bomb Is a New All-Natural Favourite

Natural non toxic bath bombs

I love shopping local, so Beach Baby’s lemongrass bath bomb was an easy buy when I spotted it at a farmer’s market this past weekend.

Made in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, these all-natural bath bombs are Lush-level luxurious without any added synthetics. 

The best part? The aroma isn’t overpowering like other bath bombs. It’s subtle, but still provides the uplifting and invigorating effects we’ve come to expect from lemongrass. 

Honestly, I was surprised—I mean, I’m what can be considered a bath bomb snob. Since starting this eco-friendly journey, I’ve drastically cut down on my number of baths, so when I do indulge, I want the best products to accompany me in this rare moment of self-care.

From the second I took off the packaging, I knew this was something I’d be buying again, but still, I wanted to look a little deeper into what made these “all-natural.”

Beach Baby’s info says they avoid the following ingredients: synthetic fragrances, synthetic preservatives, SLES/SLS, triclosan, propylene glycol, artificial colours, sulfates, GMOs, formaldehyde-releasing ingredients, animal tested ingredients, DEA/BHT/TEA, and palm ingredients.

Beach Baby Botanical Bath & Body

Does it fizz?

Natural products get a bad rep for somehow being lesser than their synthetic-saturated counterparts. Sometimes the stereotype holds true, but that’s not the case with Beach Baby’s bath bombs.

Tossing it into my running water, it began fizzing immediately, releasing even more of that refreshing lemongrass scent and dancing around the water like any other bath bomb. A few dried lemongrass pieces from the top floated around, but not enough to clog drains or create a mess.

The only big difference between this option and others is that there was no neon explosion, but you know what? I didn’t miss it—or cleaning its remnants from the tub later either.

Does it last?

Yep. These bath bombs are on the small side, but they last almost as long as larger varieties. By the time the tub was full, there was still about a quarter of the bath bomb left to dissolve. I hopped in to enjoy the fizzling rich foam that felt truly nourishing and cleansing.

Is it a good all-natural and eco-friendly alternative?

If you’re local to Southwestern Ontario, it’s a pretty solid choice. The ingredients are simple and the results are spa-like. Plus, at just five dollars online per bath bomb, you really can’t go wrong. My only real complaint is that the base ingredients contain avocado oil and we know avocados aren’t the most sustainable option, but even still, these bath bombs are better for our waterways than the others you’ll find at the mall.

If you need to ship long distances, you can likely find a similar product closer to home and cut your carbon print. Plus, you might be able to find some with recycled paper packaging rather than plastic.

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