DIY Green Cleaning Ingredients for Your Eco-Friendly Home

So you’ve heard about the toxins in conventional cleaning products and how those chemical-laden concoctions pose a risk to your family’s health and the environment. You’ve decided to ditch the synthetic stuff and go all-natural, but what now?

It can be overwhelming making over your entire cleaning routine. I mean, let’s face it, most of us were kinda just winging it to begin with, right? We’d grab whatever looked half-decent from the supermarket shelf and hope for the best. But now, we’re starting from scratch.


The good news is, this green cleaning thing is actually really simple. With a few key ingredients, you’ve got the basis for dozens of recipes that can deep clean your whole house.

Bring this list to the store with you and share with anyone else who’s curious about green cleaning.

White vinegar

This is an absolute staple in my household. As a natural disinfectant, white vinegar is the base ingredient in my All-Natural Green Surface Cleaner recipe.

You can also use white vinegar to shine silverware, de-clog drains, and remove hard water spots in the bathroom and kitchen.

Feel free to pick up whatever is cheapest. In my experience, it all works the same anyway.

Baking soda

Inexpensive and effective—two of my favourite things. Baking soda is a boss when it comes to removing harsh odours and providing deep-cleaning scrubbing action.

While the options are endless, my favourite use for baking soda is honestly just tossing about a quarter cup down my sink drain and following it up with a heavy pour of white vinegar and then boiling water. This helps keeps things clean and clear and prevents odours. Plus, it makes me feel like a mad scientist ?‍?.


Regular old table salt is another great (and budget-friendly) ingredient for when you need an all-natural way to scrub and remove stains.

Try mixing a little salt with your natural liquid dish soap and use it to wipe away old coffee stains in your favourite mugs.


You can also use a salt and warm water mix to gently remove water spots on wine glasses and flower vases. For wine glasses, use a few tablespoons of salt and fill the rest with warm water. For flower vases, use 1/3 cup of salt and fill the rest with warm water. Let it sit 5-10 minutes, give a little gentle swish, and rinse.

Liquid Castile soap

I love this stuff. The other day, I took some pure liquid Castile soap and a sponge and cleaned the entire tub and shower with ease. The natural oils in the soap break down grime and leave behind a clean-looking shine without me breaking a sweat.

I also use liquid Castile soap as the base ingredient in my homemade All-Natural Liquid Hand Soap recipe. When I’m really pressed for time, I simply squirt some of this stuff in the dispenser and fill the rest with water. It really doesn’t get easier than that.

However, this is far from the full list of ways to use liquid Castile soap. Because it’s all-natural, it can also be used to clean dishes, plastic toys, and floors. Just remember this stuff is concentrated so you should dilute it with water first.

Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is powerful and pungent stuff. While I can’t stand the smell of it, I’m obsessed with its ability to remove spots, streaks, and splats from both mirrors and windows. That same green recipe works on my frosted glass tabletop too.

Essential oils

Essential oils give any green cleaning recipe an extra edge. You can select whichever scents are your favourites or pick them based on their antibacterial properties. My personal favourites are listed in my post on the the best essential oils to use in DIY cleaners.


Aside from adding them into recipes, you can also simply drop some essential oils on wool laundry balls and in diffusers for whole-house freshness, naturally.

Lainnir Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner

So…this isn’t an ingredient you DIY with, but in my house, it is an essential green cleaning product that I can’t do without. It’s made with vegetable-based emulsifiers and lavender oil and works to clean my ceramic stovetop better than anything else I’ve tried, ever. Seriously.

Green cleaning supplies

In addition to the green cleaning ingredients above, the following items make eco-friendly cleaning so much easier.

Sponge cloths

A single sponge cloth is said to replace 17 rolls of paper towel and it’s 100% biodegradable when wear and tear gets the best of it. Use them to wipe down counter tops and spills, clean plant leaves, wash walls, you name it.

Bamboo scrub brush

If you’re the type (like me) to use a scrub brush for your dishes, you can upgrade that old plastic thing with a sustainable and mildew-resistant bamboo option instead. The bristles are made from recycled plastic and work just the same.

Glass spray and pump bottles

When you’re making your own green cleaning supplies, you need somewhere to put them. I love this amber bottle set from Amazon because it comes with a funnel (which I desperately needed) and four spray tops with an additional pump top option and adorable labels.


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