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My Reaction to the Think Dirty App

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I heard about the THINK DIRTY app (Android | iOS) on a friend’s Facebook feed. She was promoting her essential oil business and using the free app to argue why we should ditch conventional beauty products for natural alternatives.

Smugly, I thought to myself, “Ha, I already use natural alternatives.”

And still…curiosity got the best of me or else I wouldn’t be writing this post. 

I downloaded it not to discover new products, but rather, to put my current products to the test. You see, I’ve long been loyal to two places and two places only: The Body Shop and Lush.

Every time I drop a decent dollar in these stores, my partner asks me how they create such aromatic products without synthetic chemicals or fragrances.

“They don’t smell natural or organic.”

Time and time again I defended the companies, especially my beloved Lush: They only use safe and natural synthetics. No fragrance besides essential oils. Come on. It’s Lush.

Cue me grabbing Sleepy cream and glittery bath bombs like a madwoman. 

Hoping to have an authority to back me up on this, I began searching the THINK DIRTY app for every single product on my bathroom shelf. 

Here’s what I found: The mass majority of these pricey products that promote themselves as earth-animal-and-human-friendly scored solid eights out of tens for toxicity due to undisclosed “fragrance.”

Now, first I got defensive (as any Lush-loving woman would). The app is wrong. Just because it’s listed as “fragrance” doesn’t mean it’s bad. Screw this app.

I put my phone away and told myself to forget it. After all, it’s brand new and who even knows the validity of the data and… This went on for a while until I just couldn’t help myself. I had to see how my other products scored.

Picture me pacing around my living room and darting into the bathroom to see what else I could test and darting back out and pacing as the app loaded the info I obviously didn’t want to read. 

My favourite Sleepy cream from Lush? 8/10

My adored Moringa body wash from The Body Shop? 8/10

My Drops of Youth? No…please…not the Drops of Youth… 8/10

So… That was highly infuriating and probably highly entertaining for my partner who, yes, had to tell me he told me so. 

I felt cheated, stupid, and embarrassed I hadn’t looked deeper into these products I’ve been using for years. I felt defensive, trying to find flaws in the app. I felt frustrated that such greenwashing isn’t prohibited. My favourite shampoo, that Organix one? Yeah, the app tells me they had a class action lawsuit against their claims of being organic. Yet another thing I did not know. 

Rage aside, this was a highly eye-opening exercise. I challenge you to put your own favourite products to the test and see how they stack up. Let me know how it goes in the comments. 

As for my bathroom shelf, I’m currently working on replacing items with recommendations between 0 and 3 on the app. I just bought new shampoo from Rocky Mountain Soap company and I’m really hoping Canada Post brings it to me before year end. I’ve also replaced my skin care line (formerly Tea Tree from The Body Shop) to Living Libations skin serum.

If anyone has found a hydrating body cream that’s between 0-3, I’m on the search, so…you know what to do. Post your top pick in the comments.

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