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Saje Muscle Melt Cream Provides Natural Pain Relief

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Saje is one of the very few shops I can wander into and impulse buy without one ounce of regret.

Every product I’ve purchased—from the Pain Release roll-on to the Get Grounded bar soap to the lavender and chamomile-infused sleep mask—has benefited me on my wellness journey. As someone living with complex conditions like anxiety, depression, and fibromyalgia, this is kind of a big deal.


I don’t have the energy, time, or money to waste on products that don’t work, or worse, that add a bunch of excess toxins to my system.

Seeing as you clicked into this post, I’d venture to bet you’re in a similar situation. This is why I want to share my latest Saje find with you.

It’s called Saje Muscle Melt and it’s a thick but lightweight coconut and shea butter based cream infused with pain-fighting and muscle-relaxing essential oils like rosemary, roman chamomile, and camphor.

It’s also full of moisture-restoring olive oil, aloe vera leaf juice, and vitamin E, but any quick search on their site could tell you this. So what makes this cream something so special that I chose to write this review?

What made me buy Saje Muscle Melt

It’s already obvious that Saje as a brand has gained my trust, so when I had a flare-up of pain and stiffness in my upper body this past weekend, I went there for a dose of natural relief.

I was looking for a cream that I could widely apply to my upper back and neck as opposed to the roll-on Pain Release I use as a part of targeted therapy treatments.

I honestly thought I’d buy the Saje Arnica Rescue Ointment I’d seen there before but when I dove into the details, it didn’t seem quite right. The usage directions indicated I should use the cream in increments—5mls three times a day for 48 hours and then 24 hours off and repeat as needed. While this detail may seem insignificant, I didn’t want the restriction or to have to keep tabs on the milliliters used. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the tiny container.

And so, I started searching for something else and came across a beautiful twist-top jar that promoted itself not as an injury ointment, but as a rich body butter.

I twisted off the top of the tester and smelled the earthy aroma that was at once both stimulating and centering, I tried a small amount on my sore shoulders, and exhaled deeply for the first time in days.

I decided it was well-worth the $24.95 for the aroma alone and headed home with my new cream in hand.

My first use thoughts

We all know trying products in-store is completely different than the experience of using them at home. That night, with my sore muscles screaming as I tried to relax with a little Netflix, I decided to apply my new cream all over my shoulders, neck, and upper back.


I remembered the sales attendant said that because Saje Muscle Melt was a truly natural product that didn’t have synthetic stabilizers, I’d need to cleanse my hands before applying the cream to prevent bacteria growth inside the container. So I washed my hands thoroughly and, being a bit of a germaphobe, decided to grab a spoon instead to preserve the integrity of the cream for months to come.

I grabbed a large kitchen spoon (bad idea) and scooped, not realizing how much this really was. Within a second of trying to smear it, I was saturated and looked over at my partner for help.

He rubbed the Saje Muscle Melt cream in, and it absorbed almost instantly. I cozied into the couch and enjoyed a sense of relaxation that’s hard to come by as a freelancer, stepmom, and general worry wart. I let myself sink into the melty feeling and take in the potent powers of the many essential oils working together for my benefit.

My second use thoughts

Today is Friday and it’s been one of those weeks where the toilet floods in the night without anyone knowing and you wake up to an expensive nightmare of damage on not one, but two floors. I’m in the middle of a productive workday despite the sound of drilling downstairs and the lack of access to my office. I’ve almost finished my task list and low and behold, my body’s started to struggle. I know I should have taken a walk and done more stretching, but I love my work and sometimes I get so zoned into it that I forget I’m a human being who needs self-care time.

Cue the Saje Muscle Melt cream. I realized after a long while that my shoulders were growing sore so I took a break, grabbed a smaller spoon, and scooped. I rubbed the lightweight cream all over my neck, shoulders, and upper back. Almost immediately I felt a sense of refreshing revitalization that has helped me write this post.

My shoulders are more relaxed and I’m more focused than before. I’m ready to keep working for a few more hours and then, maybe, I’ll take that walk and stretch.


Now, let me just say this for my own benefit: This cream will not cure your woes or eliminate every discomfort you may feel. It’s not magic, but it is pretty effective.

I’d definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a natural way to reduce their muscle soreness and pain and restore a sense of wellbeing and balance.



  1. I will need to try this for post-hiking aches and pains as I already love Saje essential oils! Thanks for this article!

    1. Definitely give it a try! I find it helps me for about an hour or so after application. Let me know how it goes for you.

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