Valentine’s Day: 8 Eco-Friendly Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Couple in love lying on green grass

Jewelry is a statement accessory. It speaks volumes about a person’s style and character, which is why it’s difficult to find the perfect piece for someone else.

You want to find something that says you understand your loved one on a deeper level. Something that symbolizes your connection. Something they’ll adore for years to come.


We used to default to diamonds to celebrate our special occasions, but times have changed. Now, eco-friendly and ethical consumers turn to alternative jewelry gifts that are just as unique as the love they represent.

Ocean wave recycled silver ring

Ocean wave recycled silver ring valentine gift

This budget-friendly ring is crafted in Canada from recycled sterling silver. Dainty and adorable, it’s a perfect gift for girly girls with exceptional style.

Flower of Life pine wood earrings

Flower of Life pine wood earrings valentine gift for her

The Flower of Life is a symbol in sacred geometry representing the connections life weaves through all sentient beings. It’s a perfect gift for your daughter, sister, coworker, or best friend.

These are sourced from sustainable pine wood and built to last.

Recycled glass bottle pendant

Recycled glass bottle pendant valentine gift necklace

These pendants are handmade from recycled glass Cola bottles. They’re strung on a customizable copper chain and attached with a copper lobster clasp.

These necklaces make great gifts for beach bums and fashionistas alike.

Resin flower and moss ring

Resin flower and moss ring sitting on a rock

These real flower and moss rings are cast in silicone and hand-sanded and polished. They come in red, purple, yellow, or blue varieties and are easily stackable.


They’re a great gift for au naturel types and free spirits who are known to stop and smell the flowers.

Recycled wine bottle orb necklace

Recycled wine bottle orb necklace as a valentine gift hanging from a tree branch

This gorgeous green orb is created from antique glass hand-collected from the wooded habitats and farmlands in Pennsylvania. It comes with a “Story of Life” that details the exact history and age of the glass used.

This charming necklace is made for outdoorsy-types, antique-enthusiasts, and all kinds of wine lovers.

Ethically-sourced amber pendant

Ethically-sourced amber pendant hanging from a branch as a valentine's day gift idea
Kacha Stones

Amber is a known love crystal that works to strengthen and maintain lasting bonds between people. It’s a clear choice for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and major milestones.

Kacha Stones offers ethically-sourced wire-wrapped amber pendants that are sure to impress the crystal lover in your life.

Arctic blue resin and wood ring

Arctic blue resin and wood ring resting on a pine cone on a grass bed

Molded from resin and oak wood, this natural ring is a match made for those who like chunkier pieces of jewelry. The intricate details within the blue resin resemble mountain ranges and truly stand out in a crowd. This gift comes in a wooden box you can personalize for your loved one.

Raindrop circle wood earrings

Raindrop circle wood earrings hanging from the edge of a table as a valentine's day gift for her

Sustainably harvested trees stained with a water-based dye make up these lightweight drop earrings. They’re perfect for expressive extroverts and eco-friendly people with big personalities.


Looking for more eco-friendly jewelry gifts? Shop secondhand stores for vintage pieces or local markets and for handmade artisan options that support your community.

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