8 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day celebrates the many mothers that enrich our lives, and this includes the mother of us all, Mother Earth.

You can show your appreciation for the planet and the many mother figures in your life by giving a gift that honours both, but how? I know coming up with ideas can be a challenge, so I’ve compiled this list of 12 eco-friendly gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

Whatever you choose, you can feel good knowing it won’t go to waste. Everything on this list is mom-approved and something to be truly cherished.

1. Personalized tea blend

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Grab a clean Mason jar or old tea tin and head to your closest bulk bin store. You can find lavender flowers, sage leaves, rose hips, hibiscus flowers, and so much more to make a personalized tea blend.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can also choose from the store’s selection of bulk loose leaf teas.

Better yet, if you’re growing your own edible herbs and flowers, dry them and make a homegrown tea blend instead.

When you have the tea blend, decorate the jar or tin with whatever your heart desires. You can add a reusable ribbon and note, stickers, or leave as is.


2. Pot of perennial flowers

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Mother’s Day wouldn’t be the same without flowers, but fresh-cut are far from sustainable or practical. They wilt within days! This year, give a potted perennial plant that can be transferred into some soil and grow for many years to come.

3. Pour-over coffee pot with fair trade coffee beans

Brewing a fair trade coffee pot with the family on mother's day | Source:

For the coffee-loving moms, this is a great eco-friendly and chic option. Pour-over coffee lets mom enjoy her cup of joe and slows down the fast-pace she’s grown accustom to. A gift like this says you know how hard she works and that she deserves to take time for herself.

Add a bag of fair trade coffee beans or grinds so she can get sipping right away.

4. Nature walk to see wildflowers

Mother and daughter going on a nature walk on mother's day | Source:

This is the perfect gift for those times when you want to show mom how much you care, but your budget is begging otherwise. The nice thing about enjoying a nature walk is that you two have a chance to talk in the beauty of nature and bond without the distractions of everyday life all around you.

5. Homemade dessert

Family baking a home made dessert on mother's day | Source:

Whether it’s cupcakes from a box or a fancy fresh fruit cake, it doesn’t matter. Homemade dessert will always win over store-bought because it’s made with love. Try to make something you know Mom can’t resist and serve it to her when she would least expect.


6. Handcrafted soy candle with essential oils

Making soy candles with essential oils on mother's day | Source:

Soy candles are surprisingly easy to make and cost a fraction of those fancy box store candles. Plus, they’re all-natural. Try repurposing a Mason jar for this DIY and adding Mom’s favourite essential oil blend.

Here are a few good scent combinations:

  • Lavender + Lemongrass
  • Pine + Cedarwood
  • Patchouli + Thyme

7. Sustainably-sourced jewelry

Eco-friendly jewelry on a wooden stand for mother's day | Source:

There are so many eco-friendly options for jewellery these days. From recycled metals to wood to crystals, there’s a style out there for every type of mom. If you’re looking for sustainable-sourced options, check out these ideas to get started.

8. Family scrapbook

Woman browsing her family scrapbook on mother's day | Source:

Many moms still have printed photos, but it’s becoming more and more rare. With so many of our memories on places like Facebook and Instagram, we tend to scrapbook less and less. One day, I really believe we will miss looking back on these handmade momentos.

Print out some pics and DIY your own family scrapbook for Mom. Use recycled paper and materials to keep it as green as possible.

Mother’s Day is about so much more than gifts, but let’s be honest, it’s nice to give and to receive. This May 12, make sure all the moms know how important they are with an eco-friendly token of your appreciation.


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