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Honey and Shea Butter Hair Mask from JUSU Body

Jusu honey shea button hair mask container on wooden surface

I’m a huge fan of hair masks. For one, when I use a hair mask, I feel like I’m taking a few minutes to put myself first. For another, my waist-length hair needs the extra care that comes with quality ingredients.

I was once hooked on Lush’s Roots hair mask. It smelled incredible and made my hair soft, but there was a downside I didn’t know: It scores a whopping 8 out of 10 on the Think Dirty app. You know why? It has undisclosed “fragrance” and parabens. It doesn’t fit into my sustainable or healthy living goals.

So I searched the app for something new. I chose the Honey and Shea Butter Hair Mask from JUSU Body because it scores a perfect zero, is semi-reasonably priced on Amazon ($36), and I have a weakness for both honey and shea butter.

I was pleasantly surprised with the results and most happy to support a Canadian company.


First use thoughts

The thick, rich texture of this hair mask reminds me immediately of naturally crystallized raw honey. While I was initially nervous I’d spent $36 on something that wouldn’t last long, the creaminess of this hair masks means a little goes a long way.

The smell is subtle, like that of real honey and a hint of pure shea butter. I find it soothing. It would be great for people with sensitivities to scents.

I cover my hair from roots to tips with a few scoops and let it sit as I soak in the bath. I add an extra scoop to my ends because in full honesty, I’m in need of a hair trim and hope this mask will revive my hair for a few more weeks. It does exactly that.

After thoroughly rinsing my hair, I could feel and see the silky effects. It was easy to run my fingers through, which is something I haven’t been able to say in a while. I combed my towel-dried hair with ease and noted the shine.

When my hair was full air-dried, I could see that my natural highlights were enhanced. I have light-to-dark brown hair with copper and honey tones and I feel like this hair mask really worked wonders on my colours.


Second use thoughts

The directions say to use once or twice a month, so two weeks later, I reapply it. Truth be told though, I didn’t really need it. My hair was still soft, silky, and shiny from the first time.

I still haven’t gotten a trim. The other night, I was resting on the couch and my fiance (oh yeah, I’m engaged!) touched my hair. He didn’t know I’d used the hair mask and told me how much softer my hair felt. For me, this is a huge win because my hair was already was soft and shiny.

If this hair mask can improve the look and feel of healthy hair, I can only imagine what it would do for dry and stressed tresses. Definitely worth a try.

This product should last me many months. When I’m done with it, I’ll repurpose the adorable container and wood-looking lid for something like spices, bath salts, or potpourri.